Welcome to our Internet App Store

We have integrated current popular applications and are on working towards developing you more popular applications. We are also working on developing our own applications, to better serve our users. We want to give you a thousand reasons to never leave our site.


Welcome to the future of the Internet

DaSphere is an app-based website, where you have all your social media and web based applications live and running on one screen. Rather than having dozens of tabs open, we integrate everything onto one screen. In daSphere, you can be working on your email, browsing on Facebook, and watching videos on YouTube, all at once.

DaSphere will have a social initiative while still remaining a for profit business. Our social initiative is, once profitable to donate 20% of profits to food banks, using social media to fuel a social cause. Our App is free for users.


The App Store

We will feature our own App store where users can buy, & sell apps, and developers can create & distribute apps.

Our App store will feature some of the most popular apps on the market. These apps will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, News Feed, LinkedIn, Reddit, Email, Gmail, and will Include various other popular Applications.

Your dashboard is 100% customizable, you can organize apps however you like similar to your smartphone.


Moving Forward daSphere will move into different markets.

Business Analysis Metrics

Integrated Chat Systems

Business Intelligence

Mail Services

Integrated File Sharing

Information and Network Security

Work with us

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